Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Steps

While eyebrows seem like harmless little patches of hair, in reality they are so much more. Eyebrows alone have the power to transform a face. Their shape accentuates our eyes and compliments the contours of our cheeks.

The photo below shows us the impact of eyebrow shapes:


Photo credit

How to get a perfect eyebrow shape? We’ve got three easy steps for you.

Step 1. Determine the right shape for you
A perfect brow has a certain length – it begins above the inner corner of your eye and ends above the outer corner. Draw imaginary lines and mark the dots using an eye pencil.
Determine the right brow shape for you based on the shape of your face. This is a defining step.

  • Round face
    Angled eyebrows with high arch and a short end is your best bet. But don’t make the arch overly sharp – this will only emphasize the roundness of your face. Steer clear of curved eyebrows.
  • Triangle-shaped face
    To compliment your face, go for slightly high eyebrows with a soft curve, medium length. Straight thick eyebrows is not the best choice
  • Square face
    Choose curved shape, medium length, thicker brows.

Step 2: Fill it in.

Bushy eyebrows are in, so don’t pluck your brows too often. Thick natural eyebrows will make your face look younger and your eyes visually bigger. If you have fine, light hair, fill them in using a gray or brown brow pencil.

Step 3: Choose the right shade.

If you like to experiment with hair color, don’t forget to change your brow color accordingly to complete the look. Emphasize your brows using specifically designed tools, like brow pencil, brow shadow, and styling gel.

perfect eyebrow

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the curtains that frame these windows. Be sure to make them nice!


DIY Peel Off Base Coat


Glitter nail polishes are irresistible – so sparkly, shiny and gorgeous. But it’s so hard to remove from nails – it’s such pain in the neck!

glitter nail polish meme

Though there’s this foil method, it’s still time consuming and can be messy.

Finally, some genius came out with this DIY peel-off base coat idea that we glitter ladies can now enjoy beautiful, sparkly nails without worrying to remove it. Let’s get it started!


  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Empty Nail Polish Bottle
  • Acetone
  • Cotton pads and paper towels


Step 1: Clean your nail polish bottle

Fill the bottle with pure acetone about half way and gently shake for a minute or two. Any polish residue will melt. Repeat if required and rinse under lukewarm water.

Make sure cap, brush and bottle neck are clean, too. You may need cotton pads at this point.

Let dry on a piece of paper towel.


Step 2: Fill the bottle with glue

Fill the bottle with glue when it’s dry. The bottle does not have to be completely dry since the glue is water-based.


Step 3:

Try applying your new peel-off base coat for ideal consistency. If you find it too thick, add a few drops water until it’s thin enough to apply evenly on nails.


You can now use your new peel-off base coat instead of regular ones when applying glitter nail polish. Some important tips to follow:

  1. Make sure the glue is completely dry before applying nail polish
  2. This peel-off glue base coat won’t prevent staining. Use your regular base coat over the glue if you think the nail polish will cause stain on nails.


Isn’t this method genius? Let us know if you will try in comment below!


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Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial

You don’t have to be afraid of creating elegant up-dos on your own any longer! This Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial offers a few simple steps to make your dream bun a reality. Check out the full tutorial below!



1. Begin with straight hair.

2. Part your hair down the middle into two even sections.

3. Holding the two pigtails, tie them into a knot and fasten with bobby pins.

4. Twist the top section, and carefully pin as you wrap around the knot.

5. Repeat with the remaining section of hair, twisting the opposite direction.

6. Hide the ends under the bun and finish with hairspray!

What do you think of this cute up-do? Let us know in the comment below!


5 Quick Tips on Accessorizing with Gold Chains by Maegan Crandall

Sparkly gold chains are available in new styles and new lengths. Until now, you’ve been accessorizing with silver jewelry and beaded necklaces, so how do you work gold jewelry into the routine? Gold is surprisingly versatile in updated designs. Use these easy tips to start wearing gold necklaces with all of your favorite outfits.

Wearing Gold Chains:

Add shine to black: Fine gold chains look fabulous against a neutral backdrop. If you have a treasured collection of black trousers, black silk tops and black blazers, then add some glamour to your daily uniform with gold chains. Long gold chains balance well with wide-leg trousers and sweeping wrap dresses. Short gold chains look lovely with tailored shorts and tank tops.

closer looking down ann taylor power pieces black sheath dress chevron knit biker jacket zippers gold jewelry leather waist belt chain black pointed tow pumps new york city street fashion style

Golden long chain pairs perfectly with blazer and a simple black dress

lion head necklace-a

Add some attitude and instant lift to your simple outfit. (Photo courtesy: thefashionjunkie)

Mix and match: Modern jewelry breaks all of the rules. You don’t have to pair yellow gold necklaces with yellow gold earrings. In fact, you can wear several gold necklaces in different shades. Try layering yellow gold, white gold and rose gold chains for eye-catching texture. Gold chains are very chic when worn in varying lengths. Try two short rose gold chains with one long yellow gold necklace to keep things interesting.


Varying length layered gold necklace with simple top

Gold all the way: Trendsetters are fully embracing gold by wearing it head-to-toe. You’ll be a gilded goddess when you wear gold chains with a red and gold sundress, a pair of gold sandals and a metallic headband. Top off the look with bronzer and gold eye shadow. Take a gold outfit to the beach or sport it on campus this fall.


Gold all the way. Photo by tounaj

Wrap it up: Add instant versatility to your jewelry collection by wrapping gold chains around your wrist. Layer gold necklaces and wind them up and down your forearm to create an amazing new look. A slightly overdone look is fabulously trendy at the moment. Wrap a few gold chains around your wrist and pair them with gold necklaces to steal this style for yourself.

Fashion Look4 accessories

Amazing look wrapping gold chains around your wrist

Break out the leather: Surprise everyone by wearing gold chains with leather apparel and accessories. Gold looks great with leather in all colors and styles. Top leather leggings with white and yellow gold necklaces or wear gold chains with braided leather bracelets. Gold jewelry looks amazing with a leather headband.


Kerry Washington wearing layered gold necklaces in black leather dress

Fashion Hair Chalk

Ombre hair has been a huge trend in 2012 and it continues to be one of the fashion crazes in 2013. Using Winstonia’s fashion hair chalk, you can create same hair result like these celebrities…


“The Voice” judge Christina Aguilera debutes her ombre hair at a tv show.


Jessie J rocks the stage with pink ombre effect.


Taylor Swift surprises her fans with short ombre hair in her “I knew you were trouble” MV.

With no doubt ombre hair is a major trend right now, this is why we are bringing you this 12 color hair chalk. It gives you temporary dye without any chemical harm. It can be easily washed off using regular hair shampoo.

Here’s some tips on applying hair chalk:

Hair Chalk How To:

  1. Tools needed: Water bottle to spray, protective gloves, towel, flat or curling iron
  2. Wet the hair (do not wet your hair if you are blond as the colors will stay longer)
  3. Apply the chalk on strand of hair in downward motion, twist the hair while chalking
  4. Air dry the hair (you may blow dry but this will blow off the chalk)
  5. Seal the colors using flat or curling iron to add waves
  6. Apply hair spray if needed
Hair Chalk Don’ts:
  • Don’t apply the chalk with any wax or product in your hair.
  • Don’t use water on blonde hair if you don’t want the color to last.
  • Wear protective clothing when applying and sleep on an old pillow case as the color will transfer.
  • Don’t try this near the water/beach or on a rainy day.

HELPFUL TIPS: If you want something brighter, you can apply white chalk first and then go over it with the color you want to make it pop.


The hair chalk is available here.