How To Clean and Reuse False Eyelashes

Its is said that you can reuse false eyelashes 5-10 times, but how do you reuse them with all that yucky glue and makeup buildup? Here let us introduce a simple method of cleaning false eyelashes. It can get 10-15 uses out of the lashes before the little hairs start to get all wonky.

Let’s get started!

eyelashes cleaning

– Small bowl or cup. The smaller the better!
– Oil based eye makeup remover (or olive oil)
– Tissue(if needed)

eyelashes cleaning winstonia

Once you remove your false eyelashes drop them in your bowl of choice.

Pour just enough makeup remover over the eyelashes so they’re completely covered. Let them sit for about an hour or so. You can leave them soak overnight, no more than 12 hours.

eyelashes cleaning winstonia 2

After they’ve been soaking for a while, use your tweezers and gently swish them around in the oil. This will help loosen up any left over makeup such as glitter, eyeliner or mascara.

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Bundle up a bit of tissue and, with your tweezers, place the eyelashes on top to help soak up some of the oil. Using the tweezers, gently pick off the remaining glue.

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Place the eyelashes onto a new bundle of tissue to absorb any of the remaining oil.

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Place one or two sheets of tissue on top of the lashes. Let this sit for an hour or so. Feel free to pick off any remaining glue before the next step.

Now the eyelashes are ready to be reuse. Store them in the original container or a dry place.

What do you think of this method? Let us know in the comment below!

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The other kind of lashes are individual lashes which you can add it onto the section where they are needed, most people place it on the outer corner for the lengthier and bigger look. One of the pros of individual lashes is that it does not look as dramatic as one strip eyelashes and it is least noticeable.

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