Last Minute Easy DIY Gift – Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

Mother’s day is only two days away, if you hadn’t found anything for her, why not try this easy DIY project? Your mom will sure love it. Look at this picture, isn’t it lovely?


Supplies needed:

Let’s get it started!


Step 1: Place vinyl or painter’s taper over jar and paint.

To create your picture frame window on jar, place vinyl or painter’s tape on the area that you don’t want painted. What’s used in this picture is a decorative square in black vinyl. There were some gaps in vinyl, so it’s filled with painter’s tape. You could create a square using painter’s tape and decorative edge scissors. Paint the outside of the jar and immediately remove vinyl/sticker. You do not want to wait until the paint is dry or else it will be difficult to remove your sticker.


Step 2: Cut a picture to size and attach to jar with painter’s tape.

Try a few different pictures and pick the one you like best. Attach to jar using painter’s tape. The painter’s tape allows you to easily change out the picture.


Step 3: “Distress” the lettering on the jar.

Thie step is optional. Use a metal file and scrape off the paint where you want the lettering to show. It gives more characteristic and eye-catching factor on the jar.


Step 4: Seal the outside of the painted jar with clear spray paint.

The paint will easily scrape off of the jar if it is not sealed. To add durability to the paint, spray it with a clear spray paint. Let dry completely.

Step 5: Place paper cup inside jar to hold flowers.

Your picture will be ruined if fill the inside of the jar with water. Place a paper cup inside the jar, fill the cup with water, and place your flowers in the cup.


Alternatively, you can place an LED candle inside the jar for a different effect! Enjoy!

Will you give this DIY project a try? Or if you’ve got your own idea? Let us know in the comment below!



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