Volumize Eyelashes with One Easy Trick


Here’s a trick using a commonplace household ware that can get you the fashionably false eyelashes look with honestly real results.


Step 1:
Curl your lashes from base all the way to tops, make sure to hold down each clamp for eight seconds at a time. By curling the base, middle and end of lashes, you get a perfect curve instead of a jutting right-angle effect.


Step 2:
Brush through lashes with one to two coats of mascara from roots to tips.

Tips: brushing in a left-right motion for a more voluminous result or in-outward motion from roots to tips for a more nature result.


Step 3:
Tap some baby powder (you’re right, baby powder!) into a jar or the palm of your hand. Dip a q-tip into the white dust.


Step 4:

Dredge both the tops and bottoms of lashes with the baby powder, making sure your entire fringe is coated with a light layer. Lashes should look rather ashen when you’re done.


Step 5:
Apply another coat of mascara to turn lashes raven-black once again. And you’re done!

Notice how much thicker, fuller, longer and darker the lashes look on the right than the completely bare ones on the left. The baby powder sure does the magic, isn’t it?

Have you used this method before or if you will give it a try? Let us know in the comment below!

Source: elle.com


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