Nail Care Must-Have Tools

Nail Care Products are a very important part of your nail care routine. Let’s look at a list of essential tools that one must-have for a healthy looking nails!


Crystal Nail File – There are many benefits in having a crystal glass file. They won’t wear down like emery board files, they’re permanently etched so they are long lasting. It is also super gentle on your nails & won’t cause chipping or breaking. They’re easy to clean therefore making them super hygienic!

Nail Brush – It works great in getting under your nails and cleaning out any dirt build up. Keeping your nails clean is something you want to make sure you’re doing to help keep them strong.

Straight Edge Nail Clipper – This clipper cuts precisely with minimal damage to your nail and gives you the perfect square edge so you cut down on filing.

Nail Buffer – This is a great addition into your nail care routine, it’s four sided and usually each side will come with a number that indicates how to use it for filing, buffing, shining and polishing.

What is your nail care must-have tools? Let us know in the comment below!



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