Using the Right Nail-Art Brushes – Part 1

You’ve heard of the right stuff, well what about the right brush? When it comes to nail art, it isn’t a one-brush-will-do kind of situation. With the proper nail-art brush, a tech can create everything from thin detailed lines, to color-blended  shadows, and even elaborate flowers. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right brush for your special designs.

Liner Brush function

Liner Brush

How It’s Used: Excellent for short strokes, a liner brush can be used to draw smile lines and details. It’s accurate for outlining images and adding contours.

Shader Brush function

Shader Brush

How It’s Used: The shader brush is great for backgrounds and for drawing larger images. This brush is versatile in that it can be loaded with two different colors on its sides.

Fan Brush function

Fan Brush

How It’s Used: For an airbrushed effect, the fan brush can streak color on the nail. Various colors can be blended with this brush and colors can be layered in gradual tones.

Marbler (Dotter) function

Marbler (Dotting Tools)

How It’s Used: Zigzag or swirl, the marbler brush can mix and blend colors together in an interesting design. Whether the colors are swirled on the nail plate or in a water solution, the marbler blends colors in a free, uneven pattern. The marbler can also be used to make dot flowers.

Crooked Detailer Brush function

Crooked Detailer Brush

How It’s Used: Providing an angular tip, this brush easily paints fine details and outlines. It can also be used in a more upright position and can be used to add highlights.

Tools are the most essential part to get jobs done. More nail-art brushes functions will be covered in next post. Follow us or check back soon for updates!



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