Using the Right Nail-Art Brushes – Part 1

You’ve heard of the right stuff, well what about the right brush? When it comes to nail art, it isn’t a one-brush-will-do kind of situation. With the proper nail-art brush, a tech can create everything from thin detailed lines, to color-blended  shadows, and even elaborate flowers. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right brush for your special designs.

Liner Brush function

Liner Brush

How It’s Used: Excellent for short strokes, a liner brush can be used to draw smile lines and details. It’s accurate for outlining images and adding contours.

Shader Brush function

Shader Brush

How It’s Used: The shader brush is great for backgrounds and for drawing larger images. This brush is versatile in that it can be loaded with two different colors on its sides.

Fan Brush function

Fan Brush

How It’s Used: For an airbrushed effect, the fan brush can streak color on the nail. Various colors can be blended with this brush and colors can be layered in gradual tones.

Marbler (Dotter) function

Marbler (Dotting Tools)

How It’s Used: Zigzag or swirl, the marbler brush can mix and blend colors together in an interesting design. Whether the colors are swirled on the nail plate or in a water solution, the marbler blends colors in a free, uneven pattern. The marbler can also be used to make dot flowers.

Crooked Detailer Brush function

Crooked Detailer Brush

How It’s Used: Providing an angular tip, this brush easily paints fine details and outlines. It can also be used in a more upright position and can be used to add highlights.

Tools are the most essential part to get jobs done. More nail-art brushes functions will be covered in next post. Follow us or check back soon for updates!



Remove Nail Polish in 5 Min with 1 Cotton Ball

We all adore that pretty colors on nails. But here comes the headache when removing it. It’s always a mess with cotton balls flying around and using lots of nail polish remover – it’s a complete waste! Today we are introducing this genius method to remove nail polish in as quick as 5 minute and… with 1 cotton ball!


  • Nail polish remover
  • 1 Cotton ball (more if needed)

Step 1: Unravel one (1) cotton ball into a strip.

blog remove2

Step 2: Split your strip down the middle vertically into 2 strips.

blog remove4

Step 3: Tear them into little pieces that are nail-sized.

blog remove6

Step 4: Keep tearing until there’s 12-15 pieces. 10 for nails and the remaining for wiping and cleaning up any bits of nail polish left behind.

Step 5: Pour nail polish remover into the lid and fill it up like so.

blog remove7

Step 6: Take one of those cotton pieces and dip it into the remover. Don’t dunk it in. Just dip in the edge because the remover will travel up the cotton pieces. Too much remover on the cotton piece will dribble like crazy when you’re pressing the cotton pieces onto your nail.

blog remove8

Step 7: Press the wet cotton piece onto your nail gently. It should be completely wet and cover your entire nail.

blog remove9

Step 8: Repeat the same for other fingers. You may do one hand at a time or both hands, depending on your liking.

blog remove10

Step 9: Leave them for 1-2 minutes. That’s the time where the remover is doing its job. This is similar to soaking your nails in remover but a lot less harsh on your skin. You nails will not absorb the remover.

Step 10: Grab a new piece of cotton and wipe off the wet cotton piece from your nail while pressing down with some force. Put some muscle into it! Do it from your nail bed to your nail tip. This way, your nails will not be damaged.

blog remove11

Step 11: Most nail polish should come right off. Using remaining cotton piece to remove any nail polish residue.

blog remove13

It is very easy, isn’t it? Will you use this method to remove your nail polish? Let us know in the comment below!


4 Steps Ikat Nails

Ikat has been one of the most popular nail designs in recent years. To see how to create easy Ikat nail art in just 4 steps, read the tutorial below!



  • Light blue nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Black nail art pen
  • Base and top coats



Prep nails using your favorite nail file.

Step 1.: Always start with a base coat, wait dry

Step 2: Paint two coats of your blue polish, wait dry

Step 3. Add two to three dabs of red polish to each nail, wait dry

Step 4: Create a smaller dab using your white polish within each red shape, wait dry

Step 5: Using your nail art pen, create a jagged outline around each red shape, plus a black triangle within each white shape. The great thing about ikat is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

Step 6: Seal with top coat and you’re good to go!

Isn’t it easy? Comment below if you will give it a try!


Salon Style Hair Waves At Home

Getting romantic waves at salon is expensive, so why not do it at home?

Using a curling iron to curl your hair and then turn it into waves. The photos correspond to the numbered steps below the collage, starting with the upper left photo.


1. Create two-inch sections of hair using an alligator hair clip.

2. Take out one section and clip the rest of the hair aside.

3. Spray the section your about to curl with hair spray.

4. Before you curl each section, run the curling iron over the end to make sure it’s smooth.

5. Starting at the base of hair closest to your roots, wrap the stand of hair around the iron away from your face so that the wave will flow away from your face instead of into it.

6. Unravel hair carefully as you take out the curling iron and repeat with the rest of your hair.

7. Now you’ve got some pretty cute loose curls. But we’ve gotta wave ‘em up!

8. Flip your head upside down and mess up those curls. Be sure to separate the curls you’ve created so you don’t end up with giant ringlets.

9. Turn on your Hollywood starlet attitude and call it a day!