Tips to Become a Nail Stamping Expert – Reverse Stamping

For a unique way to wear your stamping design, try reverse stamping and/or polish decal. It is a fun method to express your creativity and minimize the error while transferring image from stamper onto nails. Here’s a more detail post about reverse stamping/polish decal.

Painting a square of clear polish (make sure it covers your nail if it’s full image) onto a sandwich bag. Once it is dry, stamp your image onto the clear polish, wait dry and color it in.  Once that is completely dry, you can gently peel the decal off of the plastic.

winstonia nail polish decal 1Plate used: Winstonia First Generation Plate W118

Amy from @mcpolish recommends trimming the decal down so there is not a ton of extra polish you will need to clean away.

winstonia nail polish decal 2

Apply a tiny amount of clear polish to your painted nail and lay the decal onto it. Press it firmly down and smooth out the decal to the edges of your nail.  This small bit of clear polish and smoothing out will prevent air bubbles from becoming trapped under the decal.

She also prefers to clean up the overhanging bits of decal before applying top coat. Otherwise, sometimes the extra decal folds over onto the top coat and ruins your design.

winstonia nail polish decal 3

When using large images for decals, you can cut them in half and use them on even more nails. Again, random placement makes it easy to hide imperfections.

To prevent smearing your design with top coat, wait until the stamping has dried and float a large amount of top coat on the nail with as few strokes as possible. She will stamp all 10 nails, then clean up all ten and once that is done they will be dry enough for top coat.

If you have done this reverse stamping before, what’s your verdict? Comment below to let us know!

Source: Nail It! Mag


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