Tips to Become a Nail Stamping Expert

Our friend @mcpolish at recently made to Nail It! Mag with her pro stamping skills.  Let’s dive into her tips and tricks to become a stamping expert in no time!

1. Look for a good stamping polish. Usually polishes that will cover your nail with one coat will stamp well. Metallic polishes and some matte polishes work very well.

2. Clean the stamping image after before each use with pure acetone. This will get all of little bits of old polish out and ensure a crisp image.

3. When using a large squishy or sticky stamper, pushing your nail straight into the image instead of rolling it over your nail works the best.

nail_stamping_tips_10Large Stamper is available here:

4. To clean the large stamper without damaging it, use a piece of packing tape to pick up all the left over polish bits.

5. Old gift card/credit card is preferred by @mcpolish. Hold it at a 45-degree angle to the plate and scrape lightly.

6. If you are using an image with a large open space to stamp, trying scraping the image both left to right and up and down. This will spread the polish around the large space more evenly.

7. Make it easy and just do an accent nail when you are starting out with your stamping adventures.

Photo-Nov-17-4-51-36-PMPlate used: Winstonia First Generation Plate W107

9. Mix and match abstract stamps on each nail of your manicure. Try turning the stamper in different ways on each nail to make it look unique. Mistakes are much less noticeable when each nail is different.

10. Elevate your manicure by stamping multiple colors of the same stamp on each nail for a layered effect.

11. Reverse stamping is a fun way to get even more colors onto your nails. It works well for small images. When reverse stamping, color in your image right on the stamper. Once it dries, apply a tiny bit of top coat to your painted nail. (Like dry brushing). Then stamp the colored-in image right on your nail and seal it in with top coat.

More about Reverse stamping by @mcpolish will be discussed in our next post. Can’t wait? Here’s a pictorial by @nailstamp4fun using our Dino plate W220.

Source: Nail It! Mag


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