Reverse Stamping / Image Decal Step by Step Tutorial


The charm of stamping nail art is it’s endless possibility for beautiful nail-art. Reverse stamping proofs a great way to obtain one of a kind nail-art and thus we have include a detail step by step tutorial by NailStamp4Fun in this post.

Tools / material needed: 


1. Apply base coat at your choice. Wait dry.

2. Stamp any background image at your choice. In this tutorial NailStamp4Fun uses an image from Winstonia plate W216.

3. Here comes the tricky part – the making of image decal. Stamp an image at your choice, a T-rex image of Winstonia plate W220 was used. Leave the image on stamp and wait dry.

4. Fill in the image using a dotting tool or detail brush at color of your choice. Let dry, do not remove from stamper.

5. Now apply a top coat on your nail, wait for it to become tacky, not completely dry.

6. Roll on the decal you just created on your nail very gently. Do not press too hard or it would become smudged.

7. Very gently till all part of the image is stick to your nail.

8. You can always smooth out the image by pressing lightly with your finger if there’s wrinkles or lifted.

9. Finally, apply top coat to seal the image. For longer lasting manicure, apply fresh layer of top coat every day!


Tutorial credit to: NailStamp4Fun


4 thoughts on “Reverse Stamping / Image Decal Step by Step Tutorial

  1. […] pointer finger was done with this technique. It is supposed to be a beer mug, but the handle didn’t stamp. I will be trying this again, […]

  2. So. Beyond. Awesome.

    Also, love the dino.

  3. […] about Reverse stamping by @mcpolish will be discussed in our next post. Can’t wait? Here’s a pictorial by @nailstamp4fun using our Dino plate […]

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