Tips for Fast Drying Manicure


It’s late and the manicure you just spent 2 hours waiting does not show a sign of drying, how

No worries, here are some easy at home tips that will help expedite your manicure process: 

Thin and light layers: Gently paint the polishes instead of putting pressure, this will help prevent thick layer of polish and causing longer wait time. Two layers of thin polishes can dry so much faster than one thick, tacky layer. 

Fast dry top coat: It helps to seal your nail polish and dry your nails faster. Same techniques as applying nail polish – always thin layers.

Dip your nails in cold water: Five minutes after you paint your nails, dip your fingers in ice cold water for about three minutes. Cold water hardens nail polishes and makes it as hard as rock. 

Cooking spray: An alternate if you can’t stand dipping your fingers in cold water. Spray cooking spray six inches from your nails and it will dry up top layer of nail polishes, also helps to moisture your cuticles. 

Nail dry spray: Can be easily found at beauty supplies store. Just spray it on top of your nail polishes and you will be good to go! 

Smudged you nail polishes while it’s drying? Immediately, lick your index finger and and softly drag your finger on the smudged nail, towards the tip, to smooth out the smudge. 

Have you tried any of the methods above? Let us know what you thought! 




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