Golden Globe Nails!

Did you catch Golden Globe last night like we did? This year everyone’s talking about Zooey Deschanel’s manicure, let’s take a look!

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Zooey Deschanel Nails


Zooey has never disappointed us when it comes to singing, acting and.. nail art!

She debuts film-themed nails on the 70th Annual Golden Globe red carpet, it easily tops the best nails of the night!

Jennifer Lopez looks AMAZING in her embroidered lace nude gown, she also tweeted her sparkling graffiti nails before the event.

With it’s sparkling silver base, her name was written in graffiti art style which makes the nails look funky, cheerful and stunning.

Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Nails

Adele carries home her Best Original Song Award for Skyfall with these glittery, red nails, in her favorite stiletto shape.

Adele Golden Globe Nail 1

Adele Golden Globe Nail 2

Are you impressed with these celebrities nails? Which of this three styles would you opt for to a serious event like Golden Globe?


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