Winstonia 8pc Nail Art Set

If you are looking for a set of nail art tool, you have found the perfect tool set!

This Winstonia 8pc Nail Art set gets you ready in creating endless possibility of nail art! The set includes 5pc dotting tools, 3pc drawing brushes, 1pc nail file and 1pc satin zipper.

Nail Art Tool Set


Winstonia Dotting ToolThe dotting tools come in 10 different sizes – 5 larger on one end and 5 smaller on the other end. You are able to work on various dot sizes or use smaller tips to pick up rhinestones, etc. It comes in 5 vibrant colors to allow better recognition while working.

Dotting Tool

 The drawing brushes come with finely tapered cylindrical head in 3 different sizes. The brushes are excellent for short strokes, small lines and details.

Nail Art Drawing Brush

The tools come in one black satin zipper for convenience storage and provides the ease of carrying around; it also includes one random color high quality nail file.

This 8pc Nail Art Set is brought to you exclusively by Winstonia and is available here. You will get a 5% off by entering code 5OFF during checkout.

Happy shopping!


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