Double Striped Nail Art

Double Striped Nails

Double Striped Nail Art using Stripe Sticker Tape

Stripe Sticker Tape

You will need Stripe Sticker Tape, small scissors, tweezers, topcoat and your nail polish color of choice.

Double Striped Nails

Double Striped Nails

Start by painting your nails with your desired color and let them dry completely.

Double Striped Nails

Cut small piece of the Stripe Sticker Tape. Here, the gold color is used.

Double Striped Nails

Use a pair of tweezers to place the two pieces of gold tape on the nail.

Double Striped Nails

Use small scissors to trim the pieces.

Double Striped Nails


Use something pointed to press in the ends firmly, apply topcoat to finish.

Double Striped Nails


Simple and elegant Double Striped Nails. 

These Stripe Sticker Tape came in assorted colors to match different nail colors and to create various nail art designs.

The tape is self-adhesive and width at 1mm.

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One thought on “Double Striped Nail Art

  1. What is the nail polish? It is very pretty!!

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