Mixed Color Caviar Nails

Caviar Nails

Mixed Color Caviar Nails Tutorial

Caviar Nails


You will need the Micro beads for Caviar Nails as well as your choice of color of polish and a topcoat.

Caviar Nails


Paint your nails your base color. Wait dry.

Caviar Nails

Pour three or more colors into a small pot.

Caviar Nails


Paint your nails a second coat of polish.

Caviar NailsWhile the nail is wet, dip it into the mixture of beads. 

Or you may pour the beads all over your nails, make sure to put the plastic cover that came with product below your nails, this way it will serve as a tray to hole the exceed beads.

Caviar NailsYou may need to use a toothpick to help adjust the beads. Do not apply top coats on the beads.

Only apply topcoat on the nails that do not have beads on them. You may want to wear the caviar on select nails as an accent.

Caviar Nails

End result. 

Winstonia’s 12 Colors 3D Micro Beads

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