Tutorial – Nail Art Using Deco Nail Stickers

1. You will need Deco Nail Stickers, tweezers, topcoat and your nail polish color of choice.


2. Start by painting your nails with your chosen color of polish. Wait for the polish to completely dry. Carefully remove the sticker from the paper backing using your tweezers. These Deco Nail Stickers are flexible and can be trimmed using small scissors to fit your nail shape.

3. Place the nail sticker over the desired portion of the nail. Press down on the sticker to make sure that the sticker is firmly adhered.


4. Apply a clear topcoat over the entire nail to seal in and protect your nail art.
5. Finished!
Beautiful nail art by using Deco Nail Stickers. So quick and easy that it can be done within 15 minutes!

5pcs Nail Art Sable Acrylic Nail Brushes Pen Set with Cuticle Pusher Ends

5pcs Nail Art Sable Acrylic Nail Brushes Pen Set with Cuticle Pusher EndsImage

Winstonia’s 5 sizes Sable Acrylic Nail Brushes are the perfect tools for your UV gel application. The brushes come with 5 different sizes in different colors, the end of the brushes also work as cuticle pusher.



  • Set of 5 different sizes Sable Acrylic Nail Brushes
  • Size #4, #6, #8, #10, #12
  • High quality sable hair
  • Ideal for UV builder gel application
  • Handle ends work as cuticle pusher

12 Designs Nail Art Stickers Decals Bundle Kit – Made in Japan High Quality

Japanese Style Nail Art Stickers Decals Bundle Kit


Instant professional nail art from home!

This Japanese Style Nail Art Stickers Decals Bundle Kit came in 12 sheet with each contains 10 to 14 or more stickers (depends on designs). The stickers are easy to use, simply peel off with nail or a tweezer and stick on nails. Rub the sticker to ensure it is completely stick on nail, apply a top coat to secure the sticker. 

The Japanese Style Nail Art Stickers Decals Bundle Kit are made in Japan with high quality material. It stays strong in water and sweat.


12 Colors 3D Microbeads Balls Bundle Kit – Caviar Nails

12 Colors 3D Microbeads Bundle Kit in Container


This is your ultimate accessories to create beautiful caviar nail art! The product came in 12 beautiful colors, each in a jar. The jars are stored in a container for easy storage.

Find out more about this product!

How to apply beads:

  • Apply a thin coat of nail polish and let dry
  • Apply second layer of nail polish (one finger at a time)
  • Sprinkle the beads all over the wet polish (put the lid under your finger to hold exceed beads to pour back into the jar)
  • Let dry and your Caviar Nail Art is done!