8 Makeup Brush …

8 Makeup Brush Travel Kit



  • Rich strength, Gentle touch, Close fitting skin.
  • Sophisticated, beautiful and practical.
  • Comes with a synthetic leather case, easy to carry and store
  • Safe and easy to clean, simply spray rubbing alcohol on the brushes to disinfect the brush after applications
  • Color: Sweet Pink
  • Material: 
    • Brushes: Artificial Fiber
    • Handle: Plastic and Aluminum
  • Item Content: 
    • 1 X Synthetic Leather Case with Strap
    • 1 x Powder/blush brush
    • 1 x Large round shadow brush 
    • 1 x Small round shadow brush 
    • 1 x Eye definer brush
    • 1 x Lipstick brush 
    • 1 x Eyeliner brush 
    • 1 x Eye applicator brush
    • 1 x Two-purpose eyebrow comb 

This is a perfect travel size makeup kit for yourself or someone you love! Interested in getting one? Click here to find out!


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