8 Makeup Brush …

8 Makeup Brush Travel Kit



  • Rich strength, Gentle touch, Close fitting skin.
  • Sophisticated, beautiful and practical.
  • Comes with a synthetic leather case, easy to carry and store
  • Safe and easy to clean, simply spray rubbing alcohol on the brushes to disinfect the brush after applications
  • Color: Sweet Pink
  • Material: 
    • Brushes: Artificial Fiber
    • Handle: Plastic and Aluminum
  • Item Content: 
    • 1 X Synthetic Leather Case with Strap
    • 1 x Powder/blush brush
    • 1 x Large round shadow brush 
    • 1 x Small round shadow brush 
    • 1 x Eye definer brush
    • 1 x Lipstick brush 
    • 1 x Eyeliner brush 
    • 1 x Eye applicator brush
    • 1 x Two-purpose eyebrow comb 

This is a perfect travel size makeup kit for yourself or someone you love! Interested in getting one? Click here to find out!


Do you wear false eyelashes?

10 Pairs of False Eyelashes

False eyelashes or sometimes call Fake eyelashes are an essential for today’s women. Wearing false eyelashes is a quick and easy way to brighten up those blue eyes, darken those green eyes or make those beautiful brown eyes pop among the crowd!

There are a few kinds of eyelashes on the market, the most popular ones are one strip eyelashes and individual lashes. One strip eyelashes are very easy to put on and they brighten your eyes dramatically. In fact, there are tons of designs which will give your eyes different looks. We currently have five different kinds of one strip eyelashes for you to choose.

The other kind of lashes are individual lashes which you can add it onto the section where they are needed, most people place it on the outer corner for the lengthier and bigger look. One of the pros of individual lashes is that it does not look as dramatic as one strip eyelashes and it is least noticeable.

Check out our collection today to choose the eyelashes that fit your eyes most!

5pcs Flat Tips UV Gel Brushes Pen Set (Black)

Use this professional 5pcs Flat Tips UV Gel Brushes Pen Set for ultimate gel application result!


  • 5 different sizes Flat Tip UV Gel Brushes
  • Size #2, #4, #6, #8, #10
  • Finely made flat tips designed for consistently smooth and flexible application of UV gel
  • Ergonomic handles give you easier grip for ultimate control while using
  • Work with all gel system
  • Bristles made from soft nylon hair

5pcs Double Ended Dotting Tool Pen Set with Wooden Handle



This professional 5pcs Double ended dotting pens is a perfect convenience tool to add dots to your nail art design. 

You can use this useful tool for creating a marbling design, blending colors, creating swirls and textured finishes. It can also be used for creating dots – of an even or decreasing size, and to pill dots into petal shapes when doing finely detailed flowers.

Check out more details about this amazing dotting tool set!

Mini Bead for Caviar Nails

Caviar Nail Beads

If you are looking for the inexpensive beads for the latest Caviar Nails, you are at the right place. Picture above is the mini beads in gold and silver for you to create that amazing nails in minutes. The steps are very easy, first you will need to apply a thin coat on your nail. After apply second layer, sprinkle the beads onto your nail. Remember that you will need to do this one nail at a time. Also remember to put a tray beneath the finger you are working on, so it will hold all the exceed beads and you can re-use them. Let dry and your Caviar Nail is done!

Wild and Sexy Animal Print Hair Extensions


16″ Clip in Hair Extension Leopard Animal Print Design (Baby Blue)



16″ Clip in Hair Extension Leopard Animal Print Design (Hot Pink)



16″ Clip in Hair Extension Zebra Animal Print Design (Yellow)



16″ Clip in Hair Extension Zebra Animal Print Design (White)


Cleaning 101

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Do you know that bacteria can easily buildup on brushes, puffs and all kind of kits?

The bacteria can result in all kind of redness, clogging the pores, as well as acne. Besides that, cleaning up your makeup brushes helps to maintain the softeness of the brushes, giving you a more comfortable makeup experience.


Ideally, we ought to clean our makeup brushes everyday. But with all of our tight schedules, no one would have time to do that. Therefore, it is recommended to clean it at least once a month.

Simply use mild shampoo or hand soap to wash the bristles. Make sure the soaps are completely wash off before you use a dry towel to squeeze off the remaining water. Shape the brushes and lay it down to dry, this way the remaining water won’t seep into the handle (this could ruin the brushes!).

Ta-dah! It’s that simple, let’s kick off your makeup kits cleaning routine today!