12 Easy Spring Nail-Art

Brace yourself, Spring is here!  Check out these fab and easy free-hand manicure for some nails-piration!

spring nails 1

Mix and match pastel colors with flower accent on ring finger. Create the accent using nail-art dotting tools. Credit @xxlovelauren

spring nails 2

Pastel purple with white base on ring finger. Makes it stand out by adding some floral/leaves design using nail-art brushes. Credit @kimiko7878

spring nails 3

Who doesn’t like cupcake?! Use nail-art brushes and/or nail-art dotting tools to draw the body. Give it a 3D effect by adding nail-art 3d decoration such as beads and rhinestones. Credit unknown.

spring nails 4

It’s all about colors and flowers in Spring. Use white base to pop that cute flower designs in different colors and sizes. Credit sonailicious.com

spring nails 6

Large petals on a bare nail for a unique manicure. Create using nail-art brushes. Credit unknown.

spring nails 7

This Spring manicure is not as hard as it seen! Paint a base color and wait dry. Put nail striping tape on nails depending on the width you prefer and layer different colors on top. Credit @runningwithlacquer

spring nails 8

Hmmm.. I smell lavender, you? Credit unknown.

spring nails 9

You can never go wrong by mix- and matching pastel nail lacquers. Credit @lifeisbetterpolished

spring nails 10

A precise nail job that can be created using striping nail brush and detailer nail brush. Credit LauraMerino12

spring nails 11

It is not Spring without cherry blossom! Credit unknown.

spring nails 14

Think outside the frame! Add some floral accent to pump-up regular dots and stripes mani. Credit Paulina’s Passions.

spring nails 15

Need us to say more? Credit @melimelr.

How do you think of the designs above? Did we miss any specific nail design that you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comment below!

Volumize Eyelashes with One Easy Trick


Here’s a trick using a commonplace household ware that can get you the fashionably false eyelashes look with honestly real results.


Step 1:
Curl your lashes from base all the way to tops, make sure to hold down each clamp for eight seconds at a time. By curling the base, middle and end of lashes, you get a perfect curve instead of a jutting right-angle effect.


Step 2:
Brush through lashes with one to two coats of mascara from roots to tips.

Tips: brushing in a left-right motion for a more voluminous result or in-outward motion from roots to tips for a more nature result.


Step 3:
Tap some baby powder (you’re right, baby powder!) into a jar or the palm of your hand. Dip a q-tip into the white dust.


Step 4:

Dredge both the tops and bottoms of lashes with the baby powder, making sure your entire fringe is coated with a light layer. Lashes should look rather ashen when you’re done.


Step 5:
Apply another coat of mascara to turn lashes raven-black once again. And you’re done!

Notice how much thicker, fuller, longer and darker the lashes look on the right than the completely bare ones on the left. The baby powder sure does the magic, isn’t it?

Have you used this method before or if you will give it a try? Let us know in the comment below!

Source: elle.com

20 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Nail-Art

St Paddy

Looking for a fun way to wear a little green on St. Patrick’s Day? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s 20 easy and fun nail designs worth to re-create:

Spellbound Nails

This adorable manicure can be created using dotting tools and free-hand for the rainbow. Get the how-to on Spellbound Nails


Pairing two shades of green are fun and the little white shamrocks are a nice touch (first generation stamping plates W105). Found on The Polished Nail.

Chalkboard Nails

This freehand design is perfect for that beer crawl you probably won’t make it to. Create this using nail-art brush or wooden sticks. Found on Chalkboard Nails.

Nails by Kayla Shevonne

It’s fun to do each nail with a different style. Seen on Nails by Kayla Shevonne.

Welcome to My World...

Try some glitter! It’s pretty, sparkly, and feminine. Get the how-to on Welcome to My World…

Spektor's Nails.

Multi-color polka dots using dotting tools are fun! These green ones are leprechaun approved. Found on Spektor’s Nails

The polished mama

Stamped over argyle pattern with green and orange shades (Call Me Golfer). Found on The Polished Momma.

Oooh, Shinies!

Cute green spotted animal print that can be created using nail-art brush. Get the deets on Oooh, Shinies!

Notes and Nails

Created using a thin nail-art brush, this manicure is a very pretty, shimmery way to show your Irish pride. Found on Notes and Nails.

Polish All the Nails

Amazing hexagon glitter placement <3 Found on Polish All the Nails.

Adventures in Acetone

Look! It’s pot of gold with rainbow! The caviar beads placement is genius. Found on Adventures in Acetone.

Emerald Sparkled

Cute little cloves stamped over (first generation stamping plates W105). Found on Emerald Sparkled.

My Little Beauty World

You won’t believe how easy this is…  Deets on Taya: My Little Beauty World.

Mixed Mama

Marbleizing one nail is so much easier than doing them all and it looks cooler. Found on Mixed Mama.

Joyful Blogg

While you are having fun with your nails, why not do each one different?  Found on Joyful Blogg.

Let Them Have Polish

These sparkly nails are a subtle way to wear a little green on St. Paddy’s Day. Get inspired on Let Them Have Polish.


Try painting just the tips!  Follow the tutorial on Parlor.

Let Them Have Polish 2

Using stamping image plate for a neat pattern that will impress! Check it out on Let Them Have Polish.

Of Faces and Fingers

Who needs gold polish when there’s gold leaf? Check it out on Of Faces and Fingers.

Asa Nisi Masa Nail Spot

Green and teal together for a gorgeous color combinations! Check it out on Asa Nisi Masa Nail Spot.

Using the Right Nail-Art Brushes – Part 2

When it comes to nail art, it isn’t a one-brush-will-do kind of situation. With the proper brush, a tech can create everything from thin detailed lines, to color-blended shadows, and even elaborate flowers. Below is the second part of the guide of using right brush – enjoy!

Detailer Brush

Detailer Brush

How It’s Used: The detailer brush can be used for intricate work and is especially suited to drawing delicate flowers. Flower petals can easily be painted by placing the brush flat and lifting it straight up.

Striper Brush

Striper Brush

How It’s Used: Efficient for elongated lines, the striper brush creates long vertical or horizontal lines. Whether a thin or thick line is desired, the width is determined by the amount of paint on the bristles.

Stripette Brush

Stripette Brush

How It’s Used: A shorter version of the striper brush, the stripette creates the same vertical and horizontal lines but in shorter strokes. The stripette is great for drawing wisps and netting.

Grass Comb Brush

Grass Comb Brush

How It’s Used: For detailed dry brush techniques, this brush has separated bristles for easy application. It creates an airbrushed effect with a swipe of the brush.

Angular Brush

Angular Brush

How It’s Used: Its angled head creates intricate detailed designs. Bristles are cut at a 45° angle for control when drawing at a slant. Tips: This angled brush is popular in cleaning around the nails for a clean and crisp manicure. 

After reading through the guide, are you more comfortable to start the nail-art adventure? Visit our nail-art brushes section to add more tools in your drawers!

Source: nailitmag.com

Nail Care Must-Have Tools

Nail Care Products are a very important part of your nail care routine. Let’s look at a list of essential tools that one must-have for a healthy looking nails!


Crystal Nail File – There are many benefits in having a crystal glass file. They won’t wear down like emery board files, they’re permanently etched so they are long lasting. It is also super gentle on your nails & won’t cause chipping or breaking. They’re easy to clean therefore making them super hygienic!

Nail Brush – It works great in getting under your nails and cleaning out any dirt build up. Keeping your nails clean is something you want to make sure you’re doing to help keep them strong.

Straight Edge Nail Clipper – This clipper cuts precisely with minimal damage to your nail and gives you the perfect square edge so you cut down on filing.

Nail Buffer – This is a great addition into your nail care routine, it’s four sided and usually each side will come with a number that indicates how to use it for filing, buffing, shining and polishing.

What is your nail care must-have tools? Let us know in the comment below!

Source: hairsprayandhighheels.net

Using the Right Nail-Art Brushes – Part 1

You’ve heard of the right stuff, well what about the right brush? When it comes to nail art, it isn’t a one-brush-will-do kind of situation. With the proper nail-art brush, a tech can create everything from thin detailed lines, to color-blended  shadows, and even elaborate flowers. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right brush for your special designs.

Liner Brush function

Liner Brush

How It’s Used: Excellent for short strokes, a liner brush can be used to draw smile lines and details. It’s accurate for outlining images and adding contours.

Shader Brush function

Shader Brush

How It’s Used: The shader brush is great for backgrounds and for drawing larger images. This brush is versatile in that it can be loaded with two different colors on its sides.

Fan Brush function

Fan Brush

How It’s Used: For an airbrushed effect, the fan brush can streak color on the nail. Various colors can be blended with this brush and colors can be layered in gradual tones.

Marbler (Dotter) function

Marbler (Dotting Tools)

How It’s Used: Zigzag or swirl, the marbler brush can mix and blend colors together in an interesting design. Whether the colors are swirled on the nail plate or in a water solution, the marbler blends colors in a free, uneven pattern. The marbler can also be used to make dot flowers.

Crooked Detailer Brush function

Crooked Detailer Brush

How It’s Used: Providing an angular tip, this brush easily paints fine details and outlines. It can also be used in a more upright position and can be used to add highlights.

Tools are the most essential part to get jobs done. More nail-art brushes functions will be covered in next post. Follow us or check back soon for updates!

Source: nailsmag.com

Remove Nail Polish in 5 Min with 1 Cotton Ball

We all adore that pretty colors on nails. But here comes the headache when removing it. It’s always a mess with cotton balls flying around and using lots of nail polish remover – it’s a complete waste! Today we are introducing this genius method to remove nail polish in as quick as 5 minute and… with 1 cotton ball!


  • Nail polish remover
  • 1 Cotton ball (more if needed)

Step 1: Unravel one (1) cotton ball into a strip.

blog remove2

Step 2: Split your strip down the middle vertically into 2 strips.

blog remove4

Step 3: Tear them into little pieces that are nail-sized.

blog remove6

Step 4: Keep tearing until there’s 12-15 pieces. 10 for nails and the remaining for wiping and cleaning up any bits of nail polish left behind.

Step 5: Pour nail polish remover into the lid and fill it up like so.

blog remove7

Step 6: Take one of those cotton pieces and dip it into the remover. Don’t dunk it in. Just dip in the edge because the remover will travel up the cotton pieces. Too much remover on the cotton piece will dribble like crazy when you’re pressing the cotton pieces onto your nail.

blog remove8

Step 7: Press the wet cotton piece onto your nail gently. It should be completely wet and cover your entire nail.

blog remove9

Step 8: Repeat the same for other fingers. You may do one hand at a time or both hands, depending on your liking.

blog remove10

Step 9: Leave them for 1-2 minutes. That’s the time where the remover is doing its job. This is similar to soaking your nails in remover but a lot less harsh on your skin. You nails will not absorb the remover.

Step 10: Grab a new piece of cotton and wipe off the wet cotton piece from your nail while pressing down with some force. Put some muscle into it! Do it from your nail bed to your nail tip. This way, your nails will not be damaged.

blog remove11

Step 11: Most nail polish should come right off. Using remaining cotton piece to remove any nail polish residue.

blog remove13

It is very easy, isn’t it? Will you use this method to remove your nail polish? Let us know in the comment below!

Source: gingerbreadmanne.blogspot.com