5 Quick Tips on Accessorizing with Gold Chains by Maegan Crandall

Sparkly gold chains are available in new styles and new lengths. Until now, you’ve been accessorizing with silver jewelry and beaded necklaces, so how do you work gold jewelry into the routine? Gold is surprisingly versatile in updated designs. Use these easy tips to start wearing gold necklaces with all of your favorite outfits.

Wearing Gold Chains:

Add shine to black: Fine gold chains look fabulous against a neutral backdrop. If you have a treasured collection of black trousers, black silk tops and black blazers, then add some glamour to your daily uniform with gold chains. Long gold chains balance well with wide-leg trousers and sweeping wrap dresses. Short gold chains look lovely with tailored shorts and tank tops.

closer looking down ann taylor power pieces black sheath dress chevron knit biker jacket zippers gold jewelry leather waist belt chain black pointed tow pumps new york city street fashion style

Golden long chain pairs perfectly with blazer and a simple black dress

lion head necklace-a

Add some attitude and instant lift to your simple outfit. (Photo courtesy: thefashionjunkie)


Mix and match: Modern jewelry breaks all of the rules. You don’t have to pair yellow gold necklaces with yellow gold earrings. In fact, you can wear several gold necklaces in different shades. Try layering yellow gold, white gold and rose gold chains for eye-catching texture. Gold chains are very chic when worn in varying lengths. Try two short rose gold chains with one long yellow gold necklace to keep things interesting.


Varying length layered gold necklace with simple top

Gold all the way: Trendsetters are fully embracing gold by wearing it head-to-toe. You’ll be a gilded goddess when you wear gold chains with a red and gold sundress, a pair of gold sandals and a metallic headband. Top off the look with bronzer and gold eye shadow. Take a gold outfit to the beach or sport it on campus this fall.



Gold all the way. Photo by tounaj

Wrap it up: Add instant versatility to your jewelry collection by wrapping gold chains around your wrist. Layer gold necklaces and wind them up and down your forearm to create an amazing new look. A slightly overdone look is fabulously trendy at the moment. Wrap a few gold chains around your wrist and pair them with gold necklaces to steal this style for yourself.

Fashion Look4 accessories

Amazing look wrapping gold chains around your wrist

Break out the leather: Surprise everyone by wearing gold chains with leather apparel and accessories. Gold looks great with leather in all colors and styles. Top leather leggings with white and yellow gold necklaces or wear gold chains with braided leather bracelets. Gold jewelry looks amazing with a leather headband.


Kerry Washington wearing layered gold necklaces in black leather dress

Egg-cellent Easter Nail Art

ImageWe are more than impressed when this Easter Nail-art by 10 Blank Canvas came into our eyes. It even surprises us to learn how easy it is by following some simple steps. Here’s how:


Apply base coat, wait dry. Next, paint each of your nails with a mix of pastel bases, your choice of colors.



Diluted acrylic paint with nail polish remover or watered down nail polish.

Dark brown or darker color preferred. Essie Hot Coco is recommended.

Use a thin brush to blob the color in irregular shapes on each nail.

Make sure your nails are completely dry before going to next step.


For dusted look, mix white paint/polish with water and dab with sponge on each nail.

Remove any excess promptly using dry side of the sponge.

Again, make sure your nails are completely dry before going to next step.


Lastly, apply matte top coat for a perfect finish of your Easter egg nails.

OPI Matte Top Coat is recommended.

What do you think about this Easter Nail-art? Will you give it a try? Let us know by commenting below!


Source: 10blankcanvas

Easy Marble Nails



Step by step:

  1. Paint your nails a base color and let dry completely
  2. One nail at a time, apply a layer of different color nail polish 
  3. Immediately, grab a crumpled piece of plastic wrap and blot the top of your nail once or twice
  4. Repeat step 3 for the rest of the nails
  5. Let dry and apply top coat and your marble manicure is done!


  • The plastic wrap will pull up some nail polish when it touches it at step 3, therefore to create a marble effect
  • If too much nail polish is pulled, just add a little more color and gently dab with plastic wrap again

Reverse Stamping / Image Decal Step by Step Tutorial


The charm of stamping nail art is it’s endless possibility for beautiful nail-art. Reverse stamping proofs a great way to obtain one of a kind nail-art and thus we have include a detail step by step tutorial by NailStamp4Fun in this post.

Tools / material needed: 


1. Apply base coat at your choice. Wait dry.

2. Stamp any background image at your choice. In this tutorial NailStamp4Fun uses an image from Winstonia plate W216.

3. Here comes the tricky part – the making of image decal. Stamp an image at your choice, a T-rex image of Winstonia plate W220 was used. Leave the image on stamp and wait dry.

4. Fill in the image using a dotting tool or detail brush at color of your choice. Let dry, do not remove from stamper.

5. Now apply a top coat on your nail, wait for it to become tacky, not completely dry.

6. Roll on the decal you just created on your nail very gently. Do not press too hard or it would become smudged.

7. Very gently till all part of the image is stick to your nail.

8. You can always smooth out the image by pressing lightly with your finger if there’s wrinkles or lifted.

9. Finally, apply top coat to seal the image. For longer lasting manicure, apply fresh layer of top coat every day!


Tutorial credit to: NailStamp4Fun

Tribal Nail Design with ‘Glam Gadgets’ Brushes Set

Our ‘Glam Gadgets’ nail-art brushes set will never disappointed you in delivering finest result. Check out this video tutorial by JauntyJuli and her honest, detailed review. Product link: http://winstoniastore.com/nail-art/brushes/8-pcs-nail-art-brushes-pink.html

Tips for Fast Drying Manicure


It’s late and the manicure you just spent 2 hours waiting does not show a sign of drying, how

No worries, here are some easy at home tips that will help expedite your manicure process: 

Thin and light layers: Gently paint the polishes instead of putting pressure, this will help prevent thick layer of polish and causing longer wait time. Two layers of thin polishes can dry so much faster than one thick, tacky layer. 

Fast dry top coat: It helps to seal your nail polish and dry your nails faster. Same techniques as applying nail polish – always thin layers.

Dip your nails in cold water: Five minutes after you paint your nails, dip your fingers in ice cold water for about three minutes. Cold water hardens nail polishes and makes it as hard as rock. 

Cooking spray: An alternate if you can’t stand dipping your fingers in cold water. Spray cooking spray six inches from your nails and it will dry up top layer of nail polishes, also helps to moisture your cuticles. 

Nail dry spray: Can be easily found at beauty supplies store. Just spray it on top of your nail polishes and you will be good to go! 

Smudged you nail polishes while it’s drying? Immediately, lick your index finger and and softly drag your finger on the smudged nail, towards the tip, to smooth out the smudge. 

Have you tried any of the methods above? Let us know what you thought! 

Source: Beautyhigh.com


Golden Globe Nails!

Did you catch Golden Globe last night like we did? This year everyone’s talking about Zooey Deschanel’s manicure, let’s take a look!

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Zooey Deschanel Nails


Zooey has never disappointed us when it comes to singing, acting and.. nail art!

She debuts film-themed nails on the 70th Annual Golden Globe red carpet, it easily tops the best nails of the night!

Jennifer Lopez looks AMAZING in her embroidered lace nude gown, she also tweeted her sparkling graffiti nails before the event.

With it’s sparkling silver base, her name was written in graffiti art style which makes the nails look funky, cheerful and stunning.

Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Nails

Adele carries home her Best Original Song Award for Skyfall with these glittery, red nails, in her favorite stiletto shape.

Adele Golden Globe Nail 1

Adele Golden Globe Nail 2

Are you impressed with these celebrities nails? Which of this three styles would you opt for to a serious event like Golden Globe?

Winstonia 8pc Nail Art Set

If you are looking for a set of nail art tool, you have found the perfect tool set!

This Winstonia 8pc Nail Art set gets you ready in creating endless possibility of nail art! The set includes 5pc dotting tools, 3pc drawing brushes, 1pc nail file and 1pc satin zipper.

Nail Art Tool Set


Winstonia Dotting ToolThe dotting tools come in 10 different sizes – 5 larger on one end and 5 smaller on the other end. You are able to work on various dot sizes or use smaller tips to pick up rhinestones, etc. It comes in 5 vibrant colors to allow better recognition while working.

Dotting Tool

 The drawing brushes come with finely tapered cylindrical head in 3 different sizes. The brushes are excellent for short strokes, small lines and details.

Nail Art Drawing Brush

The tools come in one black satin zipper for convenience storage and provides the ease of carrying around; it also includes one random color high quality nail file.

This 8pc Nail Art Set is brought to you exclusively by Winstonia and is available here. You will get a 5% off by entering code 5OFF during checkout.

Happy shopping!

Fashion Hair Chalk

Ombre hair has been a huge trend in 2012 and it continues to be one of the fashion crazes in 2013. Using Winstonia’s fashion hair chalk, you can create same hair result like these celebrities…


“The Voice” judge Christina Aguilera debutes her ombre hair at a tv show.


Jessie J rocks the stage with pink ombre effect.


Taylor Swift surprises her fans with short ombre hair in her “I knew you were trouble” MV.

With no doubt ombre hair is a major trend right now, this is why we are bringing you this 12 color hair chalk. It gives you temporary dye without any chemical harm. It can be easily washed off using regular hair shampoo.

Here’s some tips on applying hair chalk:

Hair Chalk How To:

  1. Tools needed: Water bottle to spray, protective gloves, towel, flat or curling iron
  2. Wet the hair (do not wet your hair if you are blond as the colors will stay longer)
  3. Apply the chalk on strand of hair in downward motion, twist the hair while chalking
  4. Air dry the hair (you may blow dry but this will blow off the chalk)
  5. Seal the colors using flat or curling iron to add waves
  6. Apply hair spray if needed
Hair Chalk Don’ts:
  • Don’t apply the chalk with any wax or product in your hair.
  • Don’t use water on blonde hair if you don’t want the color to last.
  • Wear protective clothing when applying and sleep on an old pillow case as the color will transfer.
  • Don’t try this near the water/beach or on a rainy day.

HELPFUL TIPS: If you want something brighter, you can apply white chalk first and then go over it with the color you want to make it pop.


The hair chalk is available here.

Scattered Foil Nails

ImageScattered Foil Design TutorialImage


You will need Nail Foil, your choice of colored polish and a topcoat. Tweezers may also be helpful as well as a toothpick and a drop of water.


Start out by shredding the foil into tiny little piecesImage

Paint your nails using the color.

ImageUsing the drop of water to help pick up the foil bits, use the toothpick to place the foil bits and attach it to the wet nail polish.


ImageConcentrate the bulk of the foil particles on the tips. Use less foil as you move up the nail.






Cover the finished nail art with topcoat.



Visit http://www.winstoniastore.com today for a 30% Off by using code: DIS30

Valid till Dec 31, 2012


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